Our meeting was called to order by Jack Budesa. This month’s meeting was held at Franco’s Pizzeria in West Caldwell. Motion to approve last month’s minutes was made by Frank Feichtl and seconded by Penny Budesa.

Those in attendance tonight were: Victor Balducci, Barbara Balducci, Judy Benjamin, Jack Budesa, Penny Budesa, Ken Caiafa, Hector Carrion, Linda Siegfried, Dave DeFeo, Kathy DeFeo, Frank Feichtl, Kathy Feichtl, John Kardashian, Lee Marino, Phil Riso, Fran Riso, Hain Swope, Mary Swope, Joe Uzzardi and Anthony Vitale.

The club wishes the following members a Happy Birthday for the month of February:

Phil Riso – 16th Tom Watson – 20th
Mary Swope – 27th

Financial Report

Penny gave the Financial Report for the month of January — as of January 1st we had an opening balance of $11,353.14, as of January 31st we have a closing account balance of $8,783.14. There were deposits totaling $2,274.00 which were monies for the Holiday Party from members and guests, two new members and 50/50. There were disbursements totaling $4,844. 00 – for The Brownstone for the Holiday Party, Hunter Hayes, John Listowski for overpayment of dues, Little Falls Trophy for plaques given out at the Holiday Party and Semel Embroidery for club shirts.

Other Business

Our Holiday Party at the Brownstone was on Saturday, January 18th in the Grand Conservatory (where our party was last year). For those who attended I’m sure that you all had a great time. Again, the food was exceptional. There were gifts for all of the men in attendance and like the past couple of years, all of the women received a rose when they came in. Our since thanks to George & Bonnie Faso for all of the work that they both put into securing the Brownstone, getting us such amazing food every time and making sure that everyone takes home something and has a wonderful time sitting and socializing with friends that we sometimes only see once a year. We are looking into changing the menu for next year’s party so if you have any suggestions, please bring them up at one of our upcoming meetings. We already have a date for next year’s party, it’s Saturday, January 23rd.

We have re-started our Holiday Party give-away. The tickets are $10 each and you have nine (9) chances to win $500.00. The winning number is based on the Pick-3 lottery number that is drawn the night of our Holiday Party. We ask each member to purchase two tickets, so that we can get them sold quickly and can be assured that a club member will win.

We are planning our next two dinner socials – the March one is going to be at Rosa’s in Little Falls and the April one will be at the Flaming Grill Chinese Buffet in Riverdale. Dates to be determined.

You are encouraged to submit some ideas for either fun runs, social dinners, social breakfasts or something that is fun to do. We’ve had bowling parties and if this is something that you would like to do again, let us know. There’s a lot of fun things to do in this state and we’d really like to take advantage of all that New Jersey has to offer.

We’ve started to plan our 2020 Calendar of Events and have some runs that we know are already set like our first fun run of the season to Bar A in Belmar for the Corvette Express show, which is set for Sunday, May 17th, the annual fun run to the Moroso Show in Connecticut is Sunday, July 12th, Jack is looking into our annual run up to West Point, Kenny will be doing the annual run to Lime Rock, as well as his fall run for lunch at the Wallpack Inn and we have our date for the annual Club picnic at Silas Condit Park – Saturday, September 12th. These and hopefully many others will make for a great year for our club and its participants. If you have an idea for a fun run, please bring it to the club and then make it happen. There are enough of us around who can help you with the organization of it.

Jack spoke to those present that Al Alfano is on the mend after his hip replacement surgery, Fran Riso was at the meeting after her second back surgery and is also on the road to recovery, Victor was in attendance and is also doing well. Jack also spoke about the plaque dedication that the club purchased for Rose Kardashian at the TEAL headquarters in Brooklyn happening sometime in May. Once we have a definite date, we will let the membership know for those that would like to attend.

The 50/50 of $36.00 was won by Dave DeFeo.

We want to thank Lee Marino for bringing Valentines Day cupcakes and Mary Swope for bringing Lindt Chocolate.

Our next business meeting will be on Wednesday, March 11th at Franco’s Pizzeria on Bloomfield Avenue in West Caldwell (it’s in the Essex Mall directly across from Ott Miller Chevrolet).

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Siegfried